About the Model

The Cubiz model is a practical and innovative cognitive tool for the organization of questions, helping improve overall business results. The aforementioned model is built as a matrix and covers all aspects and points of view pertaining to the market, the business and the products found within. Thanks to the Cubiz model, one can formulate business processes while simultaneously developing a new product or improving upon an existing one. It is a wondrous tool for small business owners and marketing managers and an essential operational tool for business consultants.

Clearly seeing the route from the idea to the marketing model

Making order in the development procces, marketing and sales

Developing products and services that the costumers like


Training & Lectures

Lectures and instruction sessions for business owners and organizations interested in enriching their businesses’ content world and learning about an easy-to-use business tool for product analysis.

Printed Products

The Cubiz model’s printed products serve as a focusing business tool and currently consist of a deck of 26 cards, a business insight notebook and five books.

The Entrepreneurs

Mrs. Avital Aricha

Cubiz model initiator and owner of "Hallel Productions." A senior producer, business coach and lecturer, Avital specializes in producing experiential content products for instruction purposes, as well as for social events. Her content production is inspired by academic and vocational education in a variety of disciplines: NLP, arts, sociology, communication, social science, Jewish education, Kabbalah, group facilitation, meditation, marketing writing, and more.

Mr. Ran Aricha

Cubiz model developer and Avital's spouse. A software development manager in a successful company and Board Director in an established company for garden and outdoor furniture, Ran contributes his extensive experience as a staff and development manager in both private and military sector software companies and practical knowledge acquired in his business management studies for master's degree to the Cubiz project.

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